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Welcome to Soaring Hearts Farm

Living in a turn of the century farmhouse surrounded by plants and animals (especially Miniature Nubians!) is a dream come true for "Gramma Wendy"

Valentine was the first Nubian, back in 1994.  She is now gone but she left her hoof prints on my heart and Nubians in my blood.

Old man Hercules, the 36! years young Arabian gelding, was with me the longest...

Soaring Hearts Farm is a small (2 acre) biodiverse farm located between Everett and Snohomish Washington. This has been a hobby farm and educational project for owner Wendy Valentine RN for over 20 years. Now it includes a volunteer food bank vegetable garden sharing our beautiful, nutritious harvests. The breeding program of Miniature Nubians focuses on quality dairy goats, allowing families in the Puget Sound to have access to nutritious, raw goat milk.

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