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FMCH, VMCH, FGCH Soaring Heart's Purple Rain 2*P NOTE ( Purple is taking year off in 22/23)

Purple Rain is my all time favorite goat. And I have had a lot of favorites! Her Dam Hyacinth was also a fave and in her own right earned finished Grand Champion. And my all time favotire photo of her on the right is just before winning her final champion leg. She was obviously communicating to Judge Amy "PICK ME!"

Purple is now in an elite group of Mini Nubians, and likely Mini Dairy goats who has earned her FMCH and VMCH with MDGA and FGCH with TMGR. In most shows,  she rarely placed below Reserve.  A darling to milk she has earned her milk star multiple years. Big producer on kid front as well, kidding Quads as FF (one was DOA), quads her second, triplets as 3rd freshener and quads again as 4th freshener. Her kids from Mal  (a line breeding on Bravo and combination of two very strong milk/conformation lines) were stellar. That breeding will be repeated for 2022 kids. 

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