Herd Reduction Sale, nearly all kids will be sold this year as well as  Sr Bucks and Does if you are interested in a proven adult send message and be prepared to place reservation deposit to be in line. ALL of these adults would be kept and used in my breeding program if things were normal in my farm life. My loss could be your gain.



Reservations for kids or milkers requires a non refundable (unless a specific pairing does not produce desired sex of animal) $50. Once a match is made I require 50% of full price of the animal at that time or the reservation is forfeit. ** Please note, I will not sell intact bucks out of unproven First Freshener does UNLESS the milk production and udder conformation are stellar. MOST BUCKLINGS ARE NEUTERED ONLY THE BEST ARE SOLD INTACT (as it should be). Hence, I usually have quite a few pet wethers for sale. 

Transportation- it is my strong preference that buyers pick up their animals from the farm directly. However, I know that this is not always feasible for those who live far away. In these cases I have one very trusted transporter Brian Barlow, but much prefer air transport. Usually, if two kids are purchased they are able to fly together in the same crate around 9 weeks of age. When you cost out air travel vs ground transportation please take into consideration the stress on the animal of a few hours to less than a day vs up to a week (or longer) riding in a vehicle. 

Buyer is responsible for arranging transportation in close communication with me. You will need to purchase appropriate sized crate and have it delivered to me. Please understand that there is nothing more important to me than the health and safety of animals raised here. My pledge to all of my animals is a humane treatment as long as they are in my care. I refuse to allow them to leave the premises with any transporter not approved by me.