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Soaring Heart's Farm is the premier breeder of top quality Miniature Nubian goats in the pacific northwest. We have many of the top animals in the country proven in live shows, virtual shows and milk testing. Our Mini Nubians consistently outperform others in our region. We are proud of the results of over 12 years of continuous improvement in our herd. My Miniature Nubian dairy goats are bred with the backyard farmer in mind. These Mini-Nubians are quiet and friendly from excellent Mini-Nubian milk lines. SHF Miniature Nubians are socialized from day one with children and adults. A Mini-Nubian dairy goat is a fabulous pet as well as milk producer for small farms, homesteads or city dwellers in Seattle, Everett, Portland etc. The Miniature Nubian has been accused of being too noisy for city dwellers. In reality, it doesn't matter if you own a Mini-Nubian or other miniature dairy goat breed, farm animal noise is foreign to city dwellers. For this reason it is important to consult close neighbors before introducing mini dairy goats into your yard. SHF Mini-Nubian dairy goats are living happily in Seattle, Everett, Bellingham and neighboring suburbs. The Miniature Nubian dairy goat produces on average, 2/3 of the volume of milk on 1/2 of the feed of a full size dairy goat. Mini-Nubian milk has some of the same characteristics that make the full size Nubian the most popular dairy goat, sweet taste and high butterfat. I have fallen in love with the Mini-Nubian dairy goat personalities. Miniature Nubian dairy goats remain people friendly and calm, even when raised more naturally, nursing from their mothers. Concerns about pet friendliness requiring bottle raised goats is not an issue with my Mini-Nubians. You will find Mini-Nubian dairy goats for sale on my site as well as links to miniature dairy goat associations. Gramma Wendy's consultation and advice is free with every Mini-Nubian leaving the farm. Please consider a visit to Soaring Hearts Farm to meet our herd of Miniature Nubian dairy goats as well as a variety of other animals. See first hand how Mini-Nubian (and our other farm animals) stall bedding transforms into incredible soil for organic vegetables.


SHF Mini-Nubian herd is CAE, CL and Johne's free and is tested annually. Our herd is also G6S normal by test or parentage. 

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