Soaring Heart's Mal Maison *B


Sadly our beautiful sweet Mal passed away in November. We have confirmation via ultrasound that he settled Purple Rain and Hillary we THINK we see at least one kid on US in Lola! We will be retaining a buck out of one of these breedings, most likely Purple, but one never knows until they hit the ground! Mal was another aged buck we brought back to the herd. He was sold as a kid to a breeder in CO where he served for a few years, he then moved to Nebraska and finally to Wyoming. He was a first buckling out of one of our early finished champions Rose Bonaparte (and by my best ever buck Rio Bravo). The following year I meant to retain a brother from same pairing. However, another local breeder purchased with the guarantee of selling back to me if she sold him. Needless to say, not all people are honest. So, I lost the bloodline of his dam completely. My trusted shipper Brian Barlow completed a heroic trip with this guy in full rut with long hair  in side his mini van!