Lucky DISE Cinamon

Cinamon is my 4H neighbor girl Emma's goat. She is on lease to us this year as we hope hope hope for a doeling! Funny story about her full sister Ovie who kept climbing the support posts of our adjoining gate several years ago over and over to hang out with our herd. I decided to buy Ovie as a yearling since I had been so impressed by Cinamon's udder. Ovie was a truly promising young doe earning her milk star and GCH as 3 year old. However, she was injured, or something, on our way over to WCC 2019 and we lost her. It was heart breaking! So, this year I asked Emma if we could lease Cinamon to try for a doeling. Then before breeding season, Cinamon began to push at the other gate and somehow squeezed herself into our yard multiple times over the summer! She had NEVER done this before. We guess she was also putting in an application! Think PINK