Soaring Heart's Dr David RN (Deceased 11/8/21)

Dr Davidnew.jpg

We just lost Dr David 11/8/21 unexpected, healthy morning of 11/8, dead in stall in afternoon. He was the last and single buckling out of FMCH Florence Nightengale *P. He is polled. Davey has been with Cory Downey Hart since weaning and we were delighted to have the opportunity to bring him back to join the other aged Sr Bucks to live out his days here. All of Flo's kids have been named after nurses I admire, some of them nurses I love dearly as friends. Davey is no exception. I have worked carefully to place her precious off spring in good homes, and am often on the lookout to bring them home again if they have done a good job in their first (or in some cases many) previous homes. It is for this reason you only found the three aged buck in the herd this year. After downsizing by 2/3 it was a much smaller and more manageable group of animals. We are hoping for a stellar buckling to retain in 2022 by Dr. Dave out of Tundra or Pearl. 


Sire- Too Little Doe SS Powder  

Sires Sire-  Wildmntcountry Snowstorm

Sires Dam-  Too Little Doe MD Puddles


Dam-  Soaring Hearts Florence Nightengale

Dams Sire- FMCH Echo Hills Rio Bravo *B  

Dams Dam- The TRTR Rudy's Velvet.(A Trillium Trails Doe)