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Mini Nubian Bucks


Echo Hills Rio Bravo *B 5th Generation- Sire Echo Hills Cracker Jack Dam Echo Hills FCH Sierra Sarah. Bravo is the strong silent type which for a mini nubian buck is very desirable.SOLD and living at Dancing Goat Gardens
Bravo's dam and sires dam are *P proven milkers...which is more than many mini nubian bucks have behind them. He has my pick of the best overall conformation in the herd.
Bravo's dam swept the Idaho Syringa MDGA show 2010. She finished her Championship and won two Champion challenge, taking best udder of show in all three rings under ADGA judges.He won his first Champion leg at the same show as a Jr. Buck. Bravo earned RCH at the NWABGC show 6/13, and Bravo has won a RCH in MDGA V show. Bravo's daughter from '11 was my favorite milker in '12, and is a calm quiet doe. Almost all of Bravo's kids inherit his mild, friendly and quiet personality, even when their dams are more vocal! Bravo has sired some productive sons as well. He will be bred this year again to Gracie for 6th gen purebred kids and Rose for 3rd gen.


Soaring Heart's Root Beer- Root Beer has the best breed character in the buck line up, as well as possibly best size (but he is only 1.5 years old). Sire Echo Hill's Rio Bravo, Dam Soaring Heart's Angelica's Gift. Root Beer sired a couple of lovely doelings with Lizzie last year. He is being bred to Whiskey Hill Juliet (N) for 1st gen kids and Soaring Heart Sugar Pie for 2nd. Root Beer will be for sale to a breeder within 20 miles of my farm so that I can continue to use him, otherwise he has at least one more year here.


Introducing Soaring Heart's Marvin Gaye 5th gen Sire Soaring Heart's King of Pop, Dam Soaring Heart's Hyacinth Sold living in Bellingham

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