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AWARD winning organic gardens

Soaring Hearts Farm has now earned the Sweepstakes top earner award twice! 2011 AND 2013! Focus on food grown for family and food bank using friends/family and volunteers. Recycled bedding from farm animals can really produce! A big thank you to neighbor Jane for her contribution of "Macoun Apples" in her absence! Best in Show~


Soaring Hearts Farm has two vegetable gardens, an herb garden and small orchard. Only organic seeds and transplants are used. Jr. explores the solar greenhouse in kitchen garden at left.

Daughter Alysha with grandaughters "princess" Aliyah and baby Mikaela enjoy a sunny day while mixing compost and soil to pot up tomatoes


JR has a worm!


One of my favorite sayings is "compost happens". I compost all stall bedding in hot piles and use for plantings and garden soil improvment. Compost is sometimes available for purchase so please ask.

We also use chicken and duck "tractors" to help with pest control and fertilizer

Conctact me      by phone- 425 397 0895  or   email


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