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Sale page and Shipping Information

Please contact via email (in footer) for updates about who may be available. Several fresh does, many kids, and possibly a yearling doe will be for sale. At this juncture there are no easy decisions, they are all very nice and I love something about all of them. 

A $50 non-refundable deposit will reserve kids of desired generation, etc. prior to birth.

$75 non-refundable deposit will hold desired kids once they are born, as well as fresh does or adult bucks.


SOLDFinished champion Soaring Heart's King of Pop is available. He is a very colorful 4 year old buck. Have used his lines a lot, and have him bred to three does his year. HE will make someone a fabulous herd sire and share some of his wonderful attributes elsewhere.


For sale at this time - 2nd generation buckling out of Tilly, Lionel Ritchie is a nice colorful buckling who has been admired by multiple judges at the two MDGA sanctioned shows this past month. His Dam Chantilly Lace AND his sire King of Pop, finished their Grand Championship in Monroe. Mikey has also been honored with a Champion leg in the MDGA Virtual show. So this guy is a quality buckling. Dam has results of one day milk test pending and his grand dam on Sire's side is a *P milker. Tilly has incredibly soft udder and won best udder of show at MDGA sanctioned show last year in Stanwood as a First freshener.



  • I do not like to ship kids. BUT
  • Shipping of animals is available. It is expensive and all costs are the buyer's responsibility, including my travel expenses to and from Vet and the airport which is a long round trip through Seattle.
  •  Shipping will need to be arranged on weekends and I will arrange Vet appointment, but buyer will make financial arrangements with them directly to cover the costs.
  • Crate will be purchased(by you)  and sent to me, we will measure kids and determine if for one or two how large it needs to be.
  • Flight will be prepaid, or COD, 
  •  Here in Seattle both Delta and American I think are the two carriers that will ship animals.I will provide bedding, banamine, vit b complex and probiotic prior to trip.  
  • There are now facebook pages for folks looking to transport animals in certain regional areas, I highly reccomend at least exploring options.
  • My time and energy involved shipping is extensive. For this reason my fees for Vet visit and airport transport on my end are $ between $100 and 150.(please understand, I work full time and run the farm)
  • By the time kids are ready to travel they are usually 20-23 inches tall at the head and any crate must allow them to fully stand. (I prefer to ship 8-9 week weaned kids)
  • You will need to figure the weight of goat (usually around 20-25 lbs at 10 weeks), weight of crate, and another 5 lbs for bedding, feed and water.
  •  an estimate on cost to ship animal via air is $600 on top of the cost of the goat.
  • I require than an animal is fully paid for once the decision for purchase and ship out of state is made.
  • The payment for flight, crate, travel etc can be paid closer to the ship date as long as everything is settled and on site by a week prior to ship. (This way you can budget those over a longer period of time).


Conctact me      by phone- 425 397 0895  or   email


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